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Techie Business is more than “just another blog on sales and marketing”. While working on our own project we have collected an enormous amount of information that sales reps, marketers and entrepreneurs will find useful! That’s why we’ve decided to share the knowledge with you: read our blog and feel free to comment!

We want to gather as much information on our website and social media as humanly possible:

  • Useful articles and latest studies;
  • Service and app reviews;
  • Best business books/articles/films lists;
  • Case-studies and practical advice from experts;
  • Personal stories, questions and answers.

Why do we need all this? The answer is simple: we believe our mission is to make life as simple as possible for the marketer, sales rep and entrepreneur communities, and we will appreciate your help! If you like our material – don’t hesitate to share it; if you feel like there’s something missing – let us know; maybe you want to share your own experience with the world through our blog – we will be happy to publish your material.

E-mail hello@techiebusiness.com

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