Facebook is one of the “oldest” social media platforms in existence that few can imagine their life without. Today this platform is considered to be among the more serious ones – this platform is great for business and expanding your customer base. TikTok or Instagram simply don’t attract the type of audience you can find on Facebook, which is why this platform is the one for those looking to give their business a good start, a sales boost, or even find new clients and partners, or simply increase their revenue… In this article we’ll talk about how to earn with Facebook and who is already doing it.

Who could have thought that Zuckerberg’s creation would become this popular across the entire globe? Stats show that by the end of 2019 Facebook had over 2.3 billion users. Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire thanks to Facebook, it even made him a social media monopolist in some way (Instagram and WhatsApp also belong to Zuckerberg’s company).

In reality, it’s not too difficult to begin building your Facebook page: simply register a personal account, add a photo, publish a couple of posts and start adding your friends to the page, some of which should come from your local business communities, or simply find entrepreneurs who you have something in common with. Once you get your first 70 friends – start adding their mutual friends. People are more receptive to such invitations. Now you will see your friends’ posts and they will see yours. At this point it would only be wise to weed out those who you don’t have a lot of common interests with. Leave likes, comments here and there, try to publish posts with the potential to go viral, and make sure your page is open to everyone.

This simple method will help you attract several thousand friends a year, and in due time you will be in a position where you can offer them your services, or schedule calls to discuss potential partnerships.

What is the audience you should target? The median age of a Facebook user is 25-34 (35% of the entire website), the age range between 35 and 44 accounts for 32.6%. The share of users 45 and older is also something to consider. All of them are building up their pages, reading lots of content and finding new friends on the website.

This platform is what helps a lot of companies find new employees, clients and business partners. It broadens the scope of professional activity for many people, and helps gain valuable connections and relationships. How do you tap into that power? How to begin making money on Facebook?

The pros of the platform

Facebook users are largely conservative. If your project is too far from the mainstream, it will be difficult to capture a large enough active audience here.

  • Summarised, FB has the following strengths:
  • Large number of European users;
  • Affluent audience;
  • Better search engine visibility;
  • Large advertising toolkit;
  • Great analytics capabilities;
  • Instagram integration.

Thanks to Instagram integration, you can grow your business on two platforms at once (read on how to make money on Instagram here). This is the most convenient platform for advertising that can attract more clients than any other one.

Who is already making money on Facebook?

Let’s look at the most popular groups and pages that have garnered millions of followers.

First place is National Geographic. Their page has 46.5 million followers. This American channel is broadcasting films from the National Geographic Society. There you will find documentaries on nature, science, culture, history and even historic inventions.

The Facebook group has garnered some 53 million followers. The goal of the group is to demonstrate all the benefits of the social media platform. The group helps its members learn about the best features and most optimal ways of promotion on the platform as well as find manuals for the tools it has.

Eminem’s Facebook page has over 48 million followers. Here you will find his latest music videos, personal posts and biographical facts, etc.

If we consider business pages, it’s worth taking a look at Richard Branson’s Virgin (350k followers). Here you will find posts about the company’s life as well as its founder’s, see the latest news and photos.

Another interesting example is the page of a petrochemical giant Dow Chemical that is using its Facebook page for projecting its core values: partnerships, sponsorships, charity. On the page you will learn how the petrochemical industry is shaping our lives, how it helps businesses, etc.

Where to start?

We won’t cover such options as moderation other people’s pages or content creation. What we will focus on is developing your own brand (personal or corporate) and give advice on how to promote the page on the Internet.

First things first, create a page. Remember that Facebook audience is interested in useful information, so simply describing your services or products is not enough. Let them in on your company’s life, talk about how your products and technologies are helping people and how your followers can benefit.

If we look at the companies that have successfully increased their customer base with Facebook, we’ll see that it’s very important to get personal. Your potential clients can become interested in your content, but the FB audience is very sensitive to how much personality you put out with your brand.

Facebook has a great advertising settings system – you can customize your ads to be served specifically to your target audience. It will invariably boost your brand or personal page.

Facebook is not a blogging platform. Making millions by showing the world what you ate for breakfast is out of question here. However, if you have a business and you’re looking for partners / clients / investors, it’s well worth the time and effort to build an attractive Facebook page. Even with minimal, but precise activity, you can get a good effect on your target audience.


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