It’s never too late to learn something new, and when life gives you lemons, you know what to do, so why not spend the free time learning? We have compiled a list of the top 10 books that can both teach you something new and give you valuable inspiration for new achievements. We all know how important motivation is for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our list of the 10 best books you will definitely find valuable.

1. “Blue Ocean Strategy”
: Chan Kim; Renée Mauborgne

“Giving people what they want is fundamentally and disastrously wrong. The people don’t know what they want… Give them something better.”

The book, written in 2005, is still relevant. It has reached a bestseller status in business circles. The authors, Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, have put forward a metaphor, comparing a red ocean with its poorly performing solutions and cutthroat competition to a blue ocean, where consumers respond excitedly to brand new ideas. They show concrete examples of how well-known companies operating in fierce competition mode are wiping the floor with their rivals. This high degree of struggle for the market is bound to affect the quality of goods and services. By turning to the “blue ocean” you can find an untouched niche that will allow you to thrive and rake in revenue. It’s important to apply the ideas, advice and suggestions outlined in the book to form a knowledge base for successful business growth.

2. “18 Minutes”
Peter Bregman

“If you move the small bowl of chocolates on your desk six feet away, you’ll eat half as much… So don’t fight yourself to change… Just change the environment”

This book from 2011 is aimed at those who have difficulty keeping focus and prioritizing. How to start putting what matters first and stop getting distracted by minor issues? Bregman will help you navigate your own mind; focus on results; grow as a person as well as a professional; accept your weaknesses and strengths; prioritize the right way; plan ahead and analyse.

The book is presented as a list of suggestions. It does a great job motivating the reader, changing something in their life for the better and helps them be more thoughtful about planning ahead.

3. “Customers for Life”
Author: Carl Sewell

“The best system in the world for providing customer service is also the simplest: DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO, AND DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”.

The book was written by an entrepreneur who has set an example of building a successful customer-oriented business. Finding a balance between keeping your loyal customers and looking for new business is crucial: you can’t go off the deep end on either and expect everything to work well. The author advises to focus on customer service, your product and new partnerships. The book will be useful to both newcomers in business and seasoned entrepreneurs looking to improve their skills, revenue and market share.

4. Kennedy on Negotiation
Author: Gavin Kennedy

“Negotiation is a process by which we search for terms to obtain what we want from somebody who wants something from us”.

You will undoubtedly find this book useful. “Everything is negotiable”, the author says, and he’s not wrong! Negotiations are an integral part of our lives: we ask for a raise, bargain a better deal on a new car or house, and even try to convince our kids to behave.

Life is easier when you’re a professional negotiator, and that’s what Gavin Kennedy helps his readers become. What do you do when your opponent just won’t give in? How to make concessions the right way? When do you bail out of a deal? There are a lot of secrets to the modern negotiation strategy, and this book is where you can find them!

5. “Screw It, Let’s Do It!”
Author: Richard Branson

”Calculate the risks and take them. Believe in yourself. Chase your dreams and goals. Have no regrets. Be bold. Keep your word”.

A trailblazing entrepreneur who’s been setting an example through action has written his own motivational book. The British billionaire mogul believes there is still a lot of inventions to be made. It’s crucial to strive for greatness, start new ventures and not be afraid of mistakes. He keeps challenging himself and the world, proving that you don’t have to graduate a fancy school or have special skills to invent something new or start a business. The book is a collection of Richard’s life events that he uses to illustrate his points. This book serves as a great call to action. It will definitely kick your brain into gear and help you find solutions to all your business issues.

6. “Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy”
Author: Phil Barden

“The two most basic motivational drives in our brain (next to the basics such as reproduction) are: 1. Promotion: approach, going forward, fighting, ascending, gain, etc. 2. Prevention: avoidance, protection, avoid loss etc.”

This book is aimed primarily at those looking to achieve success in the field of marketing and learn the right way to promote goods and services. A world-renowned marketing expert Phil Barden makes it clear why he is so popular. He has always been searching for new venues of development and just never settled. His latest research showed that psychology is the key to sales. Sales figures are directly related to how well you understand this science. A person can be interested in a product, but never actually commit to buying it. Their behaviour is subject to a number of psychological factors that take place inside the customer’s mind. This book is instrumental in achieving a deeper understanding of your customer’s psyche. From the very first pages this book lays out the author’s marketing principles and where they work best.

7. “Hooked”
Author: Nir Eyal

“First-to-mind wins”

This book was released to a wave of favourable reviews from respected literary outlets. The author talks about how the modern human gets hooked on his habits. We have lost ourselves in the groove of everyday life so much that we haven’t noticed how we’re being taken advantage of. So we buy goods that we’re familiar with. Use services: TV, Internet, radio, and never think how this became our habit. To take your business to success, you have to make your customer addicted. If you achieve that, the popularity of your product will be second to none. The book will find its niche with entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and the startup crowd.

8. «Atlas Shrugged»
Author: Ayn Rand

“The man who damns money has obtained it dishonorably; the man who respects it has earned it.”

A classic novel that has become an obligatory read for beginner entrepreneurs and aspiring startup CEOs. This book is known to shift and expand its reader’s worldview and answer the fundamental questions about the meaning of life and the social importance of entrepreneurship. The story begins with the US authorities adopting a tyrannical set of policies in an attempt to achieve equality for all at the expense of the talented and accomplished. The economy is brought to the brink of collapse as a result of the government’s oppressive stance against business, and one by one under mysterious circumstances the most talented and successful entrepreneurs begin disappearing. The protagonists, a steel tycoon Hank Rearden and a railroad company VP Dagny Taggart are trying to fight back, largely in vain. Instead of thriving, society is plunged into chaos and apathy.

9. “Buzz: Real-life Lessons in Word-of-Mouth Marketing”
Author: Emanuel Rosen

“The very fact that you give people a say gives them a sense of ownership that creates more goodwill and advocacy”.

Emanuel Rosen has deeply studied how customer reviews affect product promotion. If even a handful of people say that the product has improved their lives somehow, the next potential customer is much more likely to try it for themselves. Marketing managers launch ads that lavishly praise their products, but reviews of everyday customers are more effective. If you tap into this mechanism the right way, leverage off positive and even negative reviews, you will be able to attract more clients. How to work in the current market, use Internet and social media to your advantage? This useful and entertaining book details exactly that.

10. «Shoe dog»
Author: Phil Knight

“Don’t let minor setbacks get to you. Almost all setbacks in the world are manageable”.

Phil Knight’s story is that of a man who turned 50 dollars he borrowed from his father into a spectacular shoe empire worth 30 billion dollars! Once a young, fresh out of business school Phil Knight decided to start his own company with a simple idea in mind: to import inexpensive shoes from Japan. His story is a gold standard for startups. In his book, Phil talks about how he learned to make the right decisions, what hardships he had to face and how he overcame them. The author is sincere in his delivery, he simply tells his story and shares his expertise with those who need it.

It’s never too late to learn new things. Sometimes the right book at the right time can change your world. Motivation, goals and the means of achieving them is something books can always help with.


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