In a short interview with Techie Business, the President of Sprwt, Michael Rapoport, answered a few questions about his company’s methods and approach to client acquisition.

– Please speak about the company you’re currently working at.

– I currently work at Sprwt.io, a software platform for restaurants, meal prep, and catering companies.

– Who is your average client?

– Our average client is a meal prep company or restaurant using POS technology.

– How do you find clients, what is your main strategy and approach to finding and locking down clients?

– We find our companies via cold calling, social media platforms, and referrals.

– What sales channels does your company rely on? Perhaps, you have an interesting case or two you wanted to share?

– We use a lot on PPC marketing and instagram.

– Perhaps you’re using some innovative sales or client search methods – please touch upon that.

– We directly communicate with customers on social media platforms.

– What trends in the field of sales do you think are the most efficient and in-demand these days, and what methods have become obsolete?

– In person is the most effective as customers are so used to phone and robot sales forms and we’ve lost the personal rapport.

– How do you think the market will change in the near future (perhaps, there are some market problems that need solutions)?

– Everything is going to a digital medium. More removal from people.

– How did the sales and client search processes in your company change because of the coronavirus?

– We increased sales and have hired people.

– A lot of people are working from home now, how did this situation affect you?

– As a software company, we’re all remote positions.

– What qualities do you think are essential for a real salesperson?

– Utilize direct sales approaches when possible. Expand sales support and after sales engagement. USE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Slide into DM’s who cares!

 – Where and how do you find sales staff for your company?

– I utilize freelancer or outsource sales for lead gen and hire people I meet in person who I feel can be good sales and train. A good salesperson can be made.


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