Glassdoor has published a job market research that answers the question: what professions will be in demand after the pandemic is over?

Researchers have come to the conclusion: businesses that have sent their employees to work from home and transformed their model to accommodate for that change, are now contemplating the idea of keeping things this way after the outbreak is over.

When the quarantine is lifted, the percentage of teleworkers, freelancers and part-time employees will continue increasing. With that said, when the pandemic becomes a thing of the past, the job market will likely see the following professions in higher demand:

  • Crisis manager. Companies will require experts with the know-how to minimize business expenses and optimize costs, draft anti-crisis plans and properly execute them.
  • HR transformation expert. Businesses will need people who can help them navigate the changing environment, make the right firing and hiring decisions, form training programs and staffing structure
  • Digital transformation expert. The lockdown has forced even the most conservative bosses to ruminate on moving as much as possible into the digital realm.
  • Big Data experts. Digitalization will result in a rapid rise of database volumes, driving upwards the demand for Big Data professionals
  • Product designer. Digital product developers are about to enter their golden years — there will be high demand for professionals who understand the needs of users and are capable of creating new, convenient and attractive products.
  • VR/AR stream administrator. The show business is unlikely to remain limited to Youtube streams. More demand for skilled professionals capable of setting up content streaming will arise.
  • Call center agent. Call center positions will be in the highest demand on this shrinking job market. This profession will provide the connection between companies and their customers in almost all fields of business.

To add to the study, we would like to share our own thoughts on the specialties in demand:

  • It is likely that delivery worker and logistics specialist positions will increase in popularity. We can already see this happening;
  • Telemedicine market is set to explode. Surely, it won’t fully displace the traditional eye-to-eye medical services, but remote medical consultations will suffice in a lot of cases; 
  • Coaching, online mentors and advisors will enjoy more popularity than ever. Master classes and training for real professions online will become more accessible and acceptable;
  • SMM and PR experts specializing in digital ad campaigns is something the market will be looking for after the pandemic;
  • Since it’s doing business over the Internet we’re talking about, there is little doubt that cybersecurity professionals will have plenty of employment options.

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