While under coronavirus pandemic lock down, with no movie theaters or restaurants to go to, Americans spend most of their time on the Internet.

New York Times has studied the change in users’ online behaviour.

Stats show that people now spend more time online with their computers rather than smartphones:

Since almost all public events have been cancelled, Americans turn to Netflix and YouTube for entertainment, and spend time talking to their friends on social media. It’s notable that the number people who use computers, not phones, to go on these websites, is growing.

Video-conferencing services are on the rise. For example, video chat apps that allow friends to create video chat rooms and play games together, such as Google Duo and Houseparty, are going through explosive growth.

By the way, this growth is also supported by online content creators themselves. A lot of companies have made special offers for the occasion, such as free subscriptions and significant discounts, setting a trend for self-isolation.

For instance, a number of developers have made their games free to play on Steam. Among the examples are Nephise Begins, GOAT OF DUTY, Drawful 2 and other projects. Even more developers have provided discounts on their products for up to 80%.

Some series and movies on HBO went free for the quarantine period. You can enjoy such classics as The Sopranos, The Wire, and even relatively new critically-acclaimed hits such as Barry.


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